How are we different?

What do our customers say about us?


I didn’t expect horn jewelry to be so light. Since I received my first pair of earrings, I wear them every day. And sometimes, I even forget I have them on my ears! The material is unique and I feel really special. I have my casual pair of earrings for everyday use, and other more elegant models for special nights.


Especially nice handicraft. Unique. Horn as material is charming!


Уникално красиви бижута ! Изключително отзивчиво отношение към желанията на клиентите, професионализъм и талант ! Благодаря Ви и Ви желая успех 🙂

Bilyana / Facebook

What inspires me?

My artwork is a moment, in which is captured the wholeness of charm and glamour expressed in horn jewelry. It brings them to life with a fine aroma, which helps them start breathing.

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