Name Necklaces

Name necklace

A special gift for your family, friends and loved ones.

You need to find a unique and beautiful gift. Try name necklace made of horn. Here are 10 reasons why should you pick horn name necklace for a present.

1. A person’s name means so much. It brings a special energy connected to the person you love and makes him/her exactly who he/she is. That is why a jewelry that has their name on it is so personal and unique.

2. We offer that special material that makes a name necklace even more unique. We guarantee you that no one in the world would have the exact same necklace as the person you give it to. This is because the horn material is very different from every other material. It has so many shades and colors, that there cannot be two identical pieces, except pure black.

3. Every jewelry from is carefully handmade and polished by Alex Nikolo. He is a designer and artist who puts his love and energy while making every single piece of his jewelry. The name necklaces are not exemptions. They are handmade by him and his team, so they are very special.

4. By wearing jewelry of horn, people wear the nature with themselves. This is an amazing experience, which not many pieces of jewelry can give. The jewelry has special, positive energy with them and brings many happy moments to their owners.

5. The colors are so warm and natural. They look so natural on the skin and go well with almost every colors and outfit. You can choose the range of colors you like, so your name necklace is exactly you want to have or give.

6. When you wear it, the jewelry accepts the skin temperature. The material feels so nice to your skin because it is natural. The material is also very light, that you don’t even feel it on you. It is super comfortable to wear.

7. The name necklaces made of horn are suitable and appropriate for all ages.

8. The horn has of a covering of keratin and other proteins, which are often used in hair and skin cosmetics. So the jewelry influences the skin in the best way possible.

9. The horn jewelry is 100 % natural and eco-friendly. By choosing horn jewelry instead of jewelry made of some synthetic material, we help to save the Earth.

10. The person you give the present to would probably don’t know about this kind of art, so they will be thrilled to learn about it and own something so special. It won’t be just something that is mass produced from China, it would be something new and interesting and really one of a kind.

Name necklaces are indeed very personal. They are a sweet gesture which you can give as a gift on every holiday.  We offer premium fast shipping all over the world! Click here to order one today!